Egg Products

Dried Egg Products

Because most of their moisture is removed, dried egg products have a longer shelf life and are shelf stable. Dried egg products readily reconstitute and easily blend with other dry ingredients.

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Bakery mixes, noodles, confections, salad dressings & sauces, meat analogs, coatings & batters


3- and 25-lb. poly packs; 25- and 50-lb. boxes; 150-, 175- and 200-lb. drums

Storage & Handling

Unopened dried egg products can be stored at room temperature (22 - 25° C / 71 - 77° F) as long as they are kept cool and dry. After opening, store in the refrigerator at 4° C / 40° F or below. Once containers of egg solids have been opened, reseal tightly to prevent contamination and absorption of moisture. Reconstituted egg products should be used immediately or refrigerated and used that day.

If dried eggs are combined with dry ingredients and held for storage, they should be sealed tightly in a closed container and stored in the refrigerator at 32° to 50° F (0° to 10° C). Plain unstabilized whole egg solids and egg yolk solids have a shelf life of about one month at room temperature and about a year at refrigerated temperatures. Store dried eggs as any other dried, powdered food in a cool, dark place. Dried egg products should flow freely and not be clumped or hardened. Use well within expiration dates.

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Dried Egg Products

Blends of Whole Egg and/or Yolk with Carbohydrates (sugar or corn syrup added)

Dried Egg Mix

Egg Yolk Solids

Enzyme Modified Egg Yolk Solids

Enzyme Modified Whole Egg Solids

Free-Flowing Egg Yolk Solids (with free-flow agent added)

Free-Flowing Whole Egg Solids (with free-flow agent added)

High-Gel Egg White Solids

High-Whip Egg White Solids

Hydrolyzed Egg White/Instant Egg White Solids

Pan Dried Albumen

Scrambled Egg Mix

Spray-Dried Egg White Solids

Stabilized (glucose-free) Egg Yolk Solids

Stabilized (glucose-free) Whole Egg Solids

Whole Egg Solids

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