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We have the resources, expertise, and integrity to deliver high-quality U.S. eggs exactly when you need them.

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The Biggest Egg Export Co-Op Is Built To Handle All Your Needs

With 196 production sites and 100 million layers, our group is led by some of the most experienced U.S. farmers.

USEM supplies major egg export markets (Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, Central America, UAE) and works to open new export markets globally with convenient access to U.S. east and west coast shipping ports. If it's cost, experience, access, or confidence, USEM delivers.

safe. fresh. usda certified.
we're in the business of the best eggs

Eggs from USEM farmers have the highest food safety and export standards.

We have the relationships with U.S. customs officials that other trading companies lack to easily clear product through. USEM is with you every step of the way to ensure you receive your product on time and at the highest quality possible.


Your Trusted Egg Export & Import Farmer Co-op

Experience top egg farms serving your every import need with fresh U.S. eggs.